Friday, July 3, 2009

The coup de gracci - A flying bird

Today is Friday July 3rd and this day trumps everything we have done so far. However,  Petit Guy was a very bad bird today,  several fly bys during our visits to Versaille and the Eiffel Tower.  So we bring out Petit Guy's picture first in efforts to highlight the rest of our day.(in other words, I am having a heck of a time bringing in pic's to this blog.  Trial and error my friends).

So with that bird out of the bag, we did it, we made the trek to Versaille. A subway and then train ride to the area of Paris that houses the most outstanding area we have seen to date.  The highlight was the Jardins of Versaille. The Stanley Park of Paris, except think formal.  Statues, fountains made of copper, trees lined up side by each, for as far as your eyes can see. However, we all agreed the Petit Trianon - Marie Anteoniettes "maision", oops I mean, Castle, is the one we would love to have as our summer home..... She preferred this estate over the Versaille - it makes my home look like a piece of bird droppings if you consider size alone.  Her castle is about the size of my entire neighborhood, all houses combined.  Absolutley charming,  the entire estate that houses the Versaille Palace, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and Jardin of Versaille. We missed a couple of "things" along the way, but that in itself was at least 4 hours of our day. This one trumped everything we had done so far. except for...

The Eiffel Tower  (as far as I am concerned).  Amazing to see when you turn the corner and see everyone stop and look up. There is this... edifice or ornament jutting into the sky in splendor and magnificence. I was sooooo excited that I almost started to cry, until I turned another corner to see this beautiful piece of architecture, surrounding by at least 5 million ants milling around the base.  We figure a 2-3 hour wait to get onto this little tram that runs up the inside of this building which that carries about 250 of these ant's (people).  Little too stifling for us. So, instead we decided to touch the base (that I couldn't even reach).  Sorry Laula, Lisa would not let me spit on it since I couldn't touch the base. 

We stopped on the way home at a French \Italian bistro, dining on the sidewalk to enjoy the sights and sounds of Montmarde . We are so lucky to have found this spot - this is where the funky people live and stay. Great fun and the locals are soo sweet, they laugh at us, laughing at each other trying to speak French.  We finally figured out that we didn't need to tip anyone since they don't expect a tip, but we have been doing anyway.  Pays for the pain they endure for our poor phonetic attempts at French . Next time it is French lessons.
So, we think we covered the touristy high points for you over the last 5 days. Tomorrow, we sleep in and saunter to our favorite dejeuner and boulangerie to start our day off.  We've been looking at some pretty neat boutiques in this area but we've been dripping with sweat and embarrassment so we haven't ventured in. Until tomorrow. I have scoped out a pair of "sandals' that have my name written all over them. Calling to me.....
We have been having a great time, Frank is the perfect navigator, Lisa the adventurer and planner, I the idea women,  a match made in Paris heaven.   
Note to Westie. Not a place to bring a wife who loves to shop, fashion here is fabulous, cool, original, unique, outstanding and much sought after. But expensive is the one thing that stands out in your eye sight.  

Miss you all, having a blast. F&LL

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