Thursday, July 9, 2009

Au Revoir - Mon aimee - Pariee

Today is July 10th and the time is here to come home.

We spent yesterday looking through all the shops, walking through all the hills and winding streets, rediscovering as much as we could.  We ate our dejuener at our favorite spot, Le Cocacquet, trying our best to have an intelligent conversation with our server.  Instead we wound up buying their home made cherry and apricot jams without realizing we even asked about them.

We visited St. Pierre du Montmarde Church, built in 1133 - the oldest Church in Paris, quite possibly France. Very small but awe inspiring when you walk through her.  Once again, we lit a candle for those whom we miss dearly.

We dined at Le Carousel, drank our vin and people watched until it grew dark.  We came home, put our things together and then settled in by looking at the stars and the Sacre Couer, until our eyes could no longer stay open.  

We've had the most wonderful time in Paris and we are sad to say Au Revoir.  But our hearts are also growing homesick. We miss home, Murphee & Jarge, our friends and our family.

Thanks to all of you that have followed this blog, reading the daily romps through this gay old town.  I've had the most wonderful time letting you know what antics we've gotten ourselves into and  I hope this helps to give you a little  taste of what it is like here so you can start planning your next adventures.

Time to get that slideshow together.  I think I should add commentary, hmmmm.

Au Revoir Pariee......  Hello Home!

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