Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Le Bon Marche - soldes, soldes, soldes

Bonsoir or shall I say, Bonjour to you.  Today is July 8th - Wednesday.

We awoke to an overcast day.. at 9:30 a.m.  Both of us all snuggled in and comfy cozy. Needless to say it took a while to get our act together.  We perused all our guide books trying to determine what we should do. Based on the now rainy morning, we decided to go to the Bon Marche, Paris' oldest department store.

After a quick grand broiche bun and BOWL of coffee (yes, my friends, a cereal bowl for cafe ou lait), we headed out on the Metro.  Turns out the Bon Marche houses, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Chloe, Armani and a host of others. My pocket book remained closed tight.  But, look, touch and fall into  a deep depression that I am no longer a size 2 (haven't seen this side of me for many years), we left.

We decided souvenior street and bartering was the means for us.  Standing in the rain, arguing about which shirt he would like that matches the bag that I would like, I think we got er done.

After this, we needed to come home for a rest.  Once ready and raring to go, up to Le Carousel for a bite and drinks. Now we are back to the flat to simply clean up,  take out the garbage and put our feet up outside the window,  while sipping a bit of the good old vino. Bordeaux, don't ya know.

This is a grand life. But,  I must admit that I am missing home, my regular routine, my different clothes (the ones I packed are starting to make me angry), my life, but on the other side, I don't want this vacation to end.  Frank is a changed man, what with his new chapeau, red rimmed glasses and shirt hanging out, he's a Bohemian man, in a Bohemian life.  It is kinda growing on him (freaking me out, but making him happy).

We expected a different kinda of Paris. The one down by the Champ de Elysse that is a busy bustling not gonna own a car or drive one in Paris kinda feel. But Montmarte is so much different, a neighborhood that is bustling, rustic, friendly packed with a variety of different sights and sounds. We feel safe, funky and young again.  Defintely the place in Paris I would recommend and return too next time.

So one more full day left before we pack up, settle up and head on home.  Any ideas from you on what one last thing we should do before we leave?

Miss you all, hugs kisses and love from Frank, Leanne and Petit Guy.


  1. Hey Leanne and Frank, I just thought I would let you know that Britney Spears is in Paris. Maybe you guys could meet up for a drink! Lol...Have a great last day there just sit relax and drink and be mary. People watching is the best thing to do...See you soon...Shelley

  2. Can't you put up some pictures to see?

    Hope all is well and good times.


  3. Ah, F&LL - I have never been to Paris so I have no recommendations for you, however I wanted to wish you a fabulous time for the final day of this adventure. Thanks for taking us along. I'm sad for you that its ending so soon but we'll be glad to see you home again.

    Safe travels,
    The Blagdons