Monday, July 6, 2009

One of us must go now - See you again Pariee

Today is July 6th. If you've been reading this blog, you will note no blog yesterday for you!

We spent Sunday toodling around Montmartre.  We awoke late, sauntered out for a petit dejuenuer and cafe au lait at around 10:30 . Then we began to climb, and then climb some more.  (god foresaken stairs, I better have buns of steel when I get home..). We wandered through Plac du Tetre, which is where the artists paint and sell their goods.  We visited the Sacre Couer - which is unbelievabley beautiful. On the outside guarding the Basilica are two Equestrian's statues - one of Joan of Arc (known here as Jeanne) and the other is of Saint Louis (King Louis XIV)  In the centre of the Basicals is the Statue of Christ.  It is just the beginning. We all agreed that this Basilica was more breathtaking than Notre Dame.  It was another warm, warm day - I continue to glisten and am seriously thinking of having my hair "coiffed" while here, just to stop the glisten that is inherently covering my face.  

We wandered throughout the Montmarte area ducking into the 1000 souvenior shops, boulangeries, bistros', pottery shops and funky boutiques along the way.  We started becoming artsy with our photos by trying out some new stuff.  We stopped by the last vineyard inside Paris, but they don't begin to harvest until October - dang!  We continued down Rue Lepic snapping photo's of Vincent Van Gogh's home for approx 2 years.  This took us about 3-4 hours so we decided to stop for a cold beer!  

First beer, was sooo good. Second beer was just as good. Switched to vin rouge. Decided dinner was in order, so another vin.  Have to have a vin to finish off dinner.  Then we met two girls, one from Northhampton, the other from Bath.  We had a wonderful time swapping stories of lives in Britian, Canada and France.   At about 9:30 - it was time to go home. Too many libations for the day.  We stopped for sandwiches to soak up the alcohol, made our routine calls home and then lights out at 10:30.

Today, we got up feeling pretty darn good, considering. Decided to go again for breakfast but learned alot of stores open later on Monday, if they open at all.  So we finally ate and then decided to relook at a few of the sites we missed yesterday during our tour of Montmartre.  We found the bistro where Amelie was filmed, a great vintage jewellery  \ handbag store, decided not to visit the Cemitrie, today (a little cloudy and mystical outside), wandered into a few boutiques, bought a few Parisian blouses, and wait, what do I love almost as much as Frank.... Shoes!  I bought a pair of Parisian, made in Paris, SHOES!  And I must say, they are very much a Leanne shoe.  Comfy for once too!

We are now back home, watching Lisa pack and prepare for her journey home.  She is leaving us today and both Frank and I are a little quiet as we watch her get closer to the taxi coming. We all agreed last night, not only under the influence of alcohol, but before, that we make a great team while travelling.  It has been wonderful to have Lisa here with us and both Frank and I will miss her while we finish out our time here. 

Frank and I have another 5 nights of magical sites, sounds and tastes before we return home.  Paris is definite must do on your bucket list.  I love the idea of sitting outside at a bistro, with a coke, cafe au lait, expresso, beer, wine or simply a water and watching the people go by.  It is a fascinating place to people watch, look at the architecture, learn about the history, think about some of the things you do with your life or simply sit back and enjoy.

Miss all, love all, look out Paris, you still have two people to contend with (oh and we still have Petit Guy to humour us with his antics).  He loved the cafe last night.  Think he might need to go into bird rehab when he gets home. Someone do some research on this for us, we may need an intervention, or at least 12-step bird recovery meeting list.

Love you Lis.



  1. Hello Leanne and Frank,
    Wow I havent had a chance to look at your blog lately and I will tell you why when you get back! I cant believe all that you have done. Its sounds just amazing. Leanne you honestly should have been a are amazing. I am so glad you are having a fabulous time. Cant wait to see all your pictures. Take care Shelley

  2. Hi guys,

    Wow, I don't have to see Paris..I'm learning all about it from your blog. Sounds absolutely gorgeous and breath taking!
    I will be thinking of you as i am sweating in bootcamp this evening which for you will be tomorrow already by the time you read this.

    Please email us your flight info for Friday to

    Cheers freinds,

    Liz & Paul