Thursday, July 2, 2009

A hot and dirty day in Paris

My freaking feet are killing me!  Welcome to Thurs July 2nd from Paris.  We had an absolutley marvellous day! No hangover this morning, up bright and early with our pressed coffee, something reasonabling cream (homo) and fresh croissants.  Then off in the heat to Notre Dame Cathedral -amazing.  We all lit candles and  said a few words in honor of those loved ones who we each miss dearly.  The cathedral is so steeped in history and religion, it is amazing.  

When we reached the Louvre. Unbelievable.  The grounds themselves are awe enspiring - magical, we are talking city blocks with each brick hand carved with detail, statutes every 25 feet hanging above you so high, keeping watch of this magnificent building.  Today I saw the Mona Lisa, Statue of Venus de Milo, a Syhinx, pictures of the reclamantion of the Louvre after the war and so much more that I can't put it down in a blog.  You gotta wait for the commentary on the looming slideshow.....  The paintings on the ceiling were enough to blow your mind.  The number of statues, so life like.  We can't say enough about the Louvre.  

We also ventured to the Pompadour - Museum of Modern Art and saw some Picasso's, Matisse and many more.  We have seen so many different works of art, in some many various forms. Mind blowing.

But, we are museum'd out..  So much so that we are going to Versaille tomorrow so we can shop on Saturday (what does that tell you).  My thing is the architecture and it is so over the moon.  We tried to book a dinner cruise on the Seine but we did not bring formal attire, so we are trying to think of either buying new clothes or finding something different to top this. We'll keep you posted on this adventure.

Hey, I caught a glimpse of what I truly came here for, the Eiffel Tower,  It was far off in the afternoon sky, shrouded in clouds and truly glorious. Standing proud, I can't wait to  touch her.

We ventured out after our traditional afternoon nap to a small cafe near the Sacre Couer, and truly became locals. Frank ate all my Spinach cause it was the best he has every had, I on the other hand, kept tradition and turned my nose up at it. At least some things remain constant in my life,  Life here is so different, you hang for 15 minutes waiting for a menu, another 15 for a drink, then dinner eventually comes, you work your way through it slowly, order more drinks and hang out.  - just what every-one else does. My question - why don't we slow down and enjoy moments like these? No wonder the women are thin, clear skinned, laugh voraciously and enjoy everyone's company, while sitting next to a drop dead man with bed head and funky clothes on who hangs on their every word.  (Sorry, people watcher from a way back, what can I say, what can I say)  Hey, they also truly like Canadian people.

So my friends, no pictures tonight, I am going to sit with a glass of wine, look out the window and be a true tourist in a local town along with My Adventurers in the City of Lights, Frank and Lisa.  I am truly blessed.

Au revoir mon petit cheries. kisses! and until next time  F&LL 


  1. Frank et Lea

    So happy that you are enjoying your visit to the city of love.

    What amazing sights you are seeing. Icons that we practically know about from birth but never really expect to experience in real life. How truly amazing.

    I trust you are enjoying your glass of wine by now gazing out over the sea of lights that is the beautiful city of Paris.

    Enjoy your day trip to Versaille tomorrow.

    Bon Soir mon amies

    Bon Voyage

    Smiles :o)


  2. Hi Lisa, Leanne & Frank....sounds like you are all having an amazing time. Enjoy the lights, le vin et al!! Missed you at the Canada Day festivities at Tom & Jan's! Talk soon,


  3. Graham and I are reliving our time in Paris through you all. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. I (Pat) painted the bathroom yesterday and took Betty to Costco. I (Pat) am off to Kelowna on Monday with Jan Coleman. Savour every minute, time flies. I will keep in touch.

  4. Hey you 3 Guys,
    glad to hear your enjoying Paris, brings back such great memories! Try it all, even if you don't know what it is, you may be glad you did.
    Hope the trip goes well see you when you return!
    The Smith's

  5. Leanne, I think you should change your career and become a writer! You have the amazing ability to drawn the reader right into your story! I feel like I'm right there with you :) I can hardly wait for the slide show!!!!
    Hugs and Kisses to you both xoxoxoxox

    Love Karen