Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ohhh la la = Le Ritz

Morning gang. Today is Tuesday July 7th.  Ohhh la la.

Today is Michael Jackson' private and public funeral.  To age myself, I grew up listening and watching Michael Jackson throughout the years. I remember him on the Ed Sullivan Show with the Jackson 5 and in most recent years, performing at Motown's 25th Anniversary back in the 80' s when he peformed the moon walk.  I thought he was  the cat's a$$ then. I hate seeing anyone's life cut short, and am totally captivated by CNN when it become's someone of noteriety. 

Today, Frank and I decided to go and see the Parc de Vendrome. But what we didn't know is then when we got off the Metro, we were actually at the Jardins de Tullieres which is attached to the Louvre. We spent time taking photo's of the statues, fountains, gardens and running away from the gypsies who once again kept finding a gold wedding band that apparently looked an awful like Frank's (who knew?).  We ventured out of the jardins and toward Plac de Vendome.  Down the streets of St. Honore, passed Chartiers, Daniel Swaroski, Bulova, Armani, Hugo Boss (can't think of a women's store if my life depended on it), until we hit the ultimate.  I had to kneel in front of the store, my desires reached. ..... Jimmy Choo. Found a pair that I wanted. Only $450e (that's cheap).........  Oh la la la la.

So I bought this really cool purse down the  street. Very  hip , young, spring like. I would have to complete a  lot of overtime to afford a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

We took our pictures out front of the Ritz, ventured over to the Palais Royale, walked the front of the Seine and came back to Le Carousel for a coke and beer before our afternoon nap. Ain't life grand.

No sooner then climbing back up the now famous god -darn stairs, the sky's grew dark and the rain came.  And rain, rain some more, then lightning, then thunder, then rain... We opened up our eyes to sunshine, WOW. Kinda like being part of the wave at GM place.

After watching some of MJ's (he is now fondly known as), public memorial on CNN.com, we walked up for  quick dinner, people watch and then back home for a good nights rest.

We are now trying to make sure that everything we wanted to see, touch, taste or smell, has been accomplished.  We are both pushing to complete our own agenda's without scratching each other's eyes out. Wedded bliss.

We are starting to look at everything differently.. did you catch that, did you see that, did you notice that? Our days here in Paris are counting down, both Frank and I, although always excited about coming home to our own bed, our routines, we are sad because our adventure here in Paris is coming to a close.

We know Lisa made it home safely, she has told us so in an email - thank gawd, we were getting worried!!!!

We are having a wonderful time and it is now time to complete the task of the last breakfast in Paris, for now, site in Paris, for now, dinner in Paris, for now, has been covered off and taken care of.. for now.

F&L & Petit Guy (he is still in mourning that Lisa left him)

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