Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Made it to Paris and moved in to the Apartment.

Good Parisan morning to all our friends and family.  Today is Tuesday June 30th and it's about 29C and very humid..

After a very long and sleepless night, we made it to a very tiny, unassuming airport called Charles de Gaulle.  We figure about 4 hours sleep in total so last night was rather a fog.  It took about 1 hour to get to our hotel but it was 1 block from the Champ de Elysees. WOW. First stop was the Arc de Tromiphe.  WOW again.  The sun was going down so we wandered underneath the roundabout to get to the actual monument, we circled around snapping about a million pics.  Very cool.  We dined at an outdoor cafe while people watching. Food was unassuming and quite expensive.  Frank tried a Picon Beirre - which was very sweet.  I had a Bordeaux red. Lisa stuck to the tried an true Smirnoff  Ice.  We wander back to the hotel for another drinkie-poo and crashed at 11:30 p.m.  Long, long, long day.

Today we arrived at our flat in Montmarde and are quickly settling into this funky little neighbourhood . Mind you we did spend some time looking for the recommended "Alleee" but we aren't sure of the directions, it's really humid here, so after a bit of bickering, we can back here to settle down.

Tomorrow looks to be the Versaille with Petit Trianon.  We still need to find the market to stock up on the essentials in life -wine and coke.  they stil sell coke in bottles!!!

The view from our windows of the Sacre Couer is unbelievable and is actually about a three minute walk from here.  After we gather our wits about us, I think another venture out is order.

Oh, by the way, Frank has already lost his glasses, almost his camera and we had "words" about what he really wanted to buy a Louis Vitton, only a 2300Euro watch - but you do get a 12% rebate when you leave Paris. Let's just put it this way, no watch for Frankie .

PS. My feet are huge!  They don't like being on a plane for 9 hours.  Oh what fun. Can't seem to figure out the picture piece yet, but I'll continue to try.

We are all safe and sound.  Having fun and trusting that you are all too.  Miss ya, love ya,talk again soon.


  1. LOVE reading your blog...so glad you're doing this. Sounds like you're having a great time so far. Except you're in the most romantic city in the world...less bickering and more kissing! Just kidding; its great to hear about the "real" trip and not just the sight-seeing. Keep having fun so we can keep hearing about it!
    Tracy (the Blagdons)

  2. PS - If you're surprised that you're not getting many comments on your blog, its probably because it won't let you post an 'anonymous' comment. I had to sign up for a Google Blog profile in order to get it to publish my comment. Others may be reading and may not be able to post. Just an FYI.

  3. Hey Leanna, Frank and Lisa. All I can say is wow! I loved reading your blog. It almost sounds like you are a true frenchman or should I say French-lady. It sounds amazing there I am so jealous! Anyways have a great time..dont drink and eat too much..Ya right..giver girlfriend. Have fun! You are living the dream! Love Shelley...P.S. The girls say Hi

  4. Love your blog. Graham and I are so happy for you all. Paris is our favorite place in the world so far. Savour every minute. You can sleep when you get home. If you spit off the Eiffel Tower you could kill someone, maybe just jester. Can't wait to see what you think of the Louvre. Have fun!

  5. Oh my god, love your blog! I'm lmao about Franks glasses...only you Frank!
    Sounds like you guys are having the time of your life while we are all stuck here working!!!!
    We shall check in daily.
    House is fine and no parties yet!
    Love to you all

    Liz, Paul and Davis

  6. Miss you already - Gizzie is watching your house, barks like crazy any time Jen comes by, front door, back door, whatever, he has it covered. Boys are fine - don't worry, sounds like you are having fun. Susan

  7. Hi Frank,
    Bonsoir ma cherie. Will be reading about your adventures. So envious but happy for you.

    Love Monica